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150, 175S, 250, 252, 350M, 375M, 500, 600M, 750, 800M, 850, 1000 & 2000US
AMA Universal LM Series - Multi basket industrial surface cleaning systems - Metal Degreasing.

AMA Universal can offer processing equipment to degrease, clean, wash and dry many different metals and components. Industries where AMA Universal Surface Cleaning systems can be employed include Aerospace, Motor Vehicles, Electro Mechanics, Electronics, Mechanical and Optical. Specific applications include small mechanical parts, electronic boards, air conditioning components, hydraulic components, faucets and accessories, cookware, precious metals, ball point pen tips, keys, locks and padlocks, polyurethane soles, teflon gaskets/washers, galvanising industries, aluminium containers. The LM Series is a multiple basket closed circuit washing system capable of yielding large quantities for high levels of production. Available in water or solvent versions.

The LM Series is a multiple basket version. The loading baskets, carefully custom made to conform to the specific requirements of our clients, can either rotate or gyrate within the washing chamber. The washing cycle can be hot or cold or by immersion with the aid of the optional ultrasound device, while drying can be obtained either through air circulation or a vacuum drying system. The loading and unloading operation can be manual, semi automatic or fully automatic with optional basket flagging for total automation. Whatever the metal to be cleaned (iron, steel, cast, aluminium, copper, brass, zinc) or component (PCB, PU etc.); from the very delicate to the very tough; from a few grams in weight to over a ton; from the simple in shape to the intricate, AMA Universal have the surface cleaning solution for you.