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Series LP - 320 LP, 325 LP, 335 LP & 343 LP
AMA Universal 3 tank Dry Cleaning Machine, Large Footprint, Solvent Perc, 20 kg, 25 kg, 35 kg or 43 kg capacity

The AMA Universal dry cleaning machines with 3 independent solvent tanks gives even the most fastidious dry cleaner more versatility and flexibility by providing dedicated tanks for lights and darks and rinsing. All of the AMA Universal dry cleaning machines imported by Rakic Works come with the AMA Tech Filtration system which provides for automatic filter cleaning after each load resulting in brighter whites and colours. This system means the operator can continue to run the machine and clean delicates or whites regardless of a colour bleed in the previous load. The Master 03 Computer is user friendly; easy to operate with on-line help function.

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