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Air Monitor Series 500 (In Stock)
Portable monitor of 'solvent-in-air' levels with data logger for peace of mind of the dry cleaner who owns more than one plant. 

The principal solvents used in the Dry Cleaning industry are tetrachloroethylene (most commonly known as perchloroethylene) and hydrocarbon (petroleum based) solvents. These solvents may pose serious environmental and occupational health and safety hazards. Aeroqual monitors can detect primary and secondary sources of solvent exposure including solvent spills; emissions during machine operation; fugitive leaks from piping and tanks; off-gasing from cleaned clothing; and vapors from spotting agents. Aeroqual monitors are used in the United States by air quality inspectors and dry cleaners to comply with statutory regulations. Aeroqual monitors provide dry cleaners with affordable peace of mind that their facilities are safe environments for themselves, their workers and their customers. The Series 300 is a portable unit that can also be wall mounted. It is simple to use and provides accurate readings on a large easy to read display and has an onboard alarm. It has onboard datalogging capabilities or datalogging direct to PC.