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PCH25H, PCH35H, PCH45H, PCH62H, PCH83H, PCH120H, PCH140H & PCH170H
PCH Series - Krebe-Tippo Barrier Washers specially designed for Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities where hygienic washing and disinfecting of soiled laundry is of the utmost importance. The PCH series is available in 25 kg, 35 kg, 45 kg, 62 kg, 83 kg, 120 kg, 140 kg & 170 kg capacities.

Krebe-Tippo is an ISO9001:2000 Quality Accredited Company with 50 years of experience manufacturing washing machines. They are the world's leading manufacturer of Barrier Washers; machines designed to prevent cross contamination of infectious diseases by way of a functional separation of soiled garments from cleaned garments. These machines are a must in every commercial and in house laundry that processes soiled linen (ie. incontinent matter or linen from hospital theatres or doctor's surgery which have the potential to spread infectious diseases). 

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