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Feeder, Ironer, Folder & Stacker - The LACO Comfort is a unique combination of a real feeder, a real ironer, a real folder and a real stacker which can be operated by one person.

The Comfort Ironers offer individual programming for flatwork to meet the specific requirements of customers; up to 99 programmes. The machine can be operated by one person. On the in-feed side a fan creates a partial vacuum which sucks the flatwork against the feed belts from where it is belt-fed through to the heated trough. Extended contact is achieved by the distance travelled; the trough envelopes the roller to an angle of 185 degrees. The integrated folding machine has its own controls and its own easy to read display; it can be programmed to give longitudinal or cross-wise folds. The numder of items per stack is also variable. An integrated finger guard is fitted as standard. Laco flatwork ironers are ideal for use in OPL's in hotels, homes, and hospitals.

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