Product Details
Malavasi Automatic Pants Topper ideal for use in Commercial Laundries for the processing of uniforms and for Manufacturers of Jeans or Trousers.

The Malavasi Topper is an automatic pants topper with 'side to side' waist expander. It has mechanical waist size control and a fly clamp with vertical movement and adjustable pressure. It has independent rotating and balanced leg clamps with hem expander stretching inside the leg and then clamping from the outside. Its operating cycle is controlled by a 4 timer in sequence and it has an electronic unit counter. It will take pants or jeans with a waist size of up to 50 inches. One experienced operator working 2 machines in tandem can process between 1400 - 1500 units in an 8 hour shift. If a better quality finish is preferred 1100 - 1300 units can be pressed in an 8 hour shift. 

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