Industrial and Commercial Laundry Equipment sales and service.

From the corner Laundromat to the Industrial Laundry, from Caravan Parks to Hotels, we can meet all of your equipment supply and service needs. Rakic Works are your one stop shop; we can design your laundry, supply and install your equipment, train your staff, provide after sales service, perform repairs and supply spare parts.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements in all Industry classifications are available which will help Laundries attain or manage compliance with the Australian Standards for Laundry practice (AS 4146).


Details PCF Series Washers - Krebe-Tippo High Spin Washer Extractors with Dual Heating at the flick of a switch. The PCF series is available in 15 kg, 24 kg, 32 kg, 42 kg and 55 kg capacities. PCF15K In Stock), PCF24K (In Stock), PCK32K, PCF42K & PCF55K
Details PCH Series Washers - Krebe-Tippo Barrier Washers specially designed for Hospitals and Aged Care Facilities where hygienic washing and disinfecting of soiled laundry is of the utmost importance. The PCH series is available in 25 kg, 35 kg, 45 kg, 62 kg, 83 kg, 120 kg, 140 kg & 170 kg capacities. PCH25H, PCH35H, PCH45H, PCH62H, PCH83H, PCH120H, PCH140H & PCH170H


Details S Series Dryers - Krebe-Tippo Dryers are modern, cost-efficient machines which are available in gas, steam or electric versions. They range in sizes from 11 kg to 53 kg.  S11, S16 (In Stock), S23, S30 (In Stock), S53 (In Stock) & S73


Details Malavasi Stirvap is a small Steam Boiler; 5 litre capacity and comes with a Steam Iron. Stirvap (In Stock)
Details Malavasi Agata is a small Steam Boiler; 2 litre capacity and comes with a Steam Iron.  Agata (In Stock)
Details Malavasi Automatic Pants Topper ideal for use in Commercial Laundries for the processing of uniforms and for Manufacturers of Jeans or Trousers. MT94
Details The most versatile Former on the market, the Malavasi Former is capable of providing a quality finish to Jackets, Dresses, Laboratory Coats or Shirts. TR888
Details BM Stiro Former - Automatic Former for finishing Jackets and Coats. 2000 (In Stock)
Details BM Stiro Steam Generator with built in 3.6 litre stainless steel Boiler. 210-2 (In Stock)
Details BM Stiro 1500 series Ironing Table - The Professional Ironing Table particularly suited for heavy workloads and difficult to iron garments. 1502 (In Stock)
Details BM Stiro 300 Series - Ironing Table with electrically heated vacuum board. 300
Details BM Stiro 300 Series - Ironing Table with electrically heated vacuum board, sleeve form and light. Supplied with Steam Iron. 301
Details BM Stiro 300 Series - Ironing Table with electrically heated vacuum board, sleeve form and light. Equipped with 4.9 litre Boiler and Pump and Steam Iron. 308 (In Stock)
Details BM Stiro Shoulder Puffer (Puff Iron) for a better finish of the shoulder area of garments, particularly Suit Jackets and Coats.  700 (In Stock)


Details LACO Flatwork Ironer for increased production and a superior finish. 5 sizes available in the straight through version, 3 sizes in the return feed; with roller lengths of between 140cm and 330cm. Available in steam, gas or electric. 300, 370, 500, 600 & 800
Details LACO Folders for a perfect fold of linen up to 2.6 m in length. The LACOFOLD is the ideal partner for the LACO Ironer. 300, 370, 500, 600 & 800
Details Feeder, Ironer, Folder & Stacker - The LACO Comfort is a unique combination of a real feeder, a real ironer, a real folder and a real stacker which can be operated by one person. Comfort